Awakening extraordinaire - Anamika

Anamika was born with a feeling of infinite connectedness beyond her understanding, and a gift of transmitting energies of higher states of consciousness. The exploration of this compelling intimacy became the focus of her life's personal journey and work.

A pioneer in consciousness and spiritual awakening, Anamika has spent her life exploring how consciousness creates reality. Emerging from her own direct experience, she guides others into greater awakening.

Her approach is full of humor and compassion, making the process of enlightening easily accessible to everyone. This includes integrating our often tender and vulnerable human nature.

In her book, Into the Heart of The Beloved: A Romance with the Divine. she shares the early stages of her discoveries.

Her background is multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional, ranging from metaphysics to the arts (singing and movement), to sciences (quantum physics, endocrinology, anatomy, physiology) and to French.

She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, and after completing a non-traditional Ph.D. in Psychology, graduated from the four-year healing arts program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

Anamika leads workshops internationally, has appeared on many television and radio shows, and is an author.

She has been mentoring people internationally for over 35 years in private sessions and intensives, classes and workshops, in person, online, and by phone. 1-866-260-6032 or

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